With air transport services, you can transport any product at any time, any place, any airline, on time and all over the world.

With over 10 years of experience in global shipping service, MirLog air freight solutions offer the flexibility to meet your transit time requirements “on the same day or next week” to effectively manage your transportation costs with our extensive global service network.

With strong strategic agreements with airlines, you will have access to the price and capacity you desire whatever your need for shipment and transit.
MirLog is an experienced and reliable team that will handle all the shiments according to , customs and legislation with the utmost precision.

It has the ability to plan and deliver the most accurate air transportation solutions with the resources and experience it has.

Our air transport services include these.

• Air courier service

• Air Express Service

• Air Standard Transportation Service

• Air Economy Transportation Service

• Airline Cargo Aircraft Charter

• Air-Land Combined Transportation

• Air-Sea Combined Transportation

• VAS Value Added Service