Mir Global Logistics,Conspicuous with its innovative approaches in logistics sector, designed to produce solutions to all logistic needs of its customers.

From a single Cargo to project shipments, Mir is ready to provide cost effective, in time solutions with its worlwide network as well as customer oriented boutique solutions.

Our Mission

To be an institution that is sensitive and respectful to the social circulation while providing the integrated services at high level quality and speed to our customers with product variety, wide service network, branches and experienced staff in logistic processes.

Our Vision

To be the preferred institution in the logistics service global system.

Quality Policy

Mir Global Logistics commitment to implementing, developing and improving strategies, management systems and processes to ensure that all our activities in order to meet national and international standards.

Our Commitment;

  • To ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction by fully and completely meeting the expectations of the quality of service, price, term duration and social compliance of our in-group and final customers;
  • To take into account the expectations of the end customers by reaching the desired level in the quality of service and to provide it with the quality of on-site service;
  • To minimize the margin of error by foreseeing and preventing the risks that may be encountered in this service by law and using scientific methods at the earliest stage;
  • To keep the quality at the highest level at every point we serve by determining the standard application methods;
  • To carry out a quality management system that takes into account the relationship between all company processes and to develop this system;
  • To ensure the security of the information created by our company and our customers, not to share it with third parties;
  • To show sensitivity to information security and to adopt this as a company policy;
  • To ensure the participation of all our employees in line with the goals and objectives of our company;
  • To conduct a mutually beneficial business relationship with the suppliers of the Company, and to support our main suppliers to establish and manage a quality management system;
  • Develop and embed a safety culture in all our activities;
  • To support safety practices by supplying the most appropriate human and financial resources;
  • Establish and operate hazard identification and risk management processes, including hazard reporting system, in order to eliminate or mitigate the safety risks of the consequenmces of hazards resulting from our operations or activities to a point which is as low as reasonably practicable;
  • To comply with all legal requirements, national and international standards;
  • To establish and operate hazard identification and risk management processes, including a hazard reporting system;
  • To create and measure our performances according to realistic targets;
  • To attach importance to the human factor, safety rules and environmental values;
  • The aim is to ensure the understanding, implementation and continuity of this policy at all levels.
Information Security Policy


Mir Global Logistics,

Adopted the following articles as the “ISMS Policy” in order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets and to ensure their sustainability within the framework of ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) applications.

  • To fulfill the requirements of International Information Security standards;
  • To comply with all legal regulations related to Information Security;
  • To identify all risks related to Information Security, to take the necessary measures by carrying out risk assessments;
  • To ensure that Information is protected from access by unauthorized persons;
  • To ensure the protection of the confidentiality and integrity of Information;
  • To provide access to information at any time needed by the process;
  • To fulfill all legal obligations and legal obligations arising from contracts;
  • Continuously improving Information Security business continuity plans;
  • To provide Information Security awareness trainings to all our employees;
  • To ensure that all suspected Information Security violations are reported to the Information Security team and the necessary precautions are taken;
  • To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information of Mir Global Logistics and its customers;
  • The aim is to ensure the understanding, implementation and continuity of this policy at all levels.
MIRGLOBAL 27001:2013
MIRGLOBAL 27001:2013